Since 2000,  F.C.L. has developed industrial machinery. During all this time, the company accumulated experience that permitted us to produce specialized divisions that can work autonomy or in collaboration. Our different lines of machines, like labelling, sleever, fillers and tapping,  let us cover several and specific sector like cosmetic, chemist, pharmacist, audio-visual, food and others. 

From the beginning, F.C.L. cooperates with big managerial companies ( national and international ) in different sectors so that allowed us giving global solutions to our customers in packaging and industrial manufactures.

Due to our experience, but above all our customers relations, F.C.L. became one of the main labelling and manufactures machines companies in Italy. In F.C.L., we satisfy every kind of customers request and we offer the best quality in all products and services we produce, giving the most professionalism we can, helped by a good logistic network and a good post-selling assistance. All this, mixed with last technology applications, makes F.C.L. a modern and dynamic company. 

We look at the future thinking to our customers satisfaction. 


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