Labelling machine

L/100: labelling machine to apply labels on top of flat products (cases, cans, cartons ...)

Automatic linear labeling machine to apply self adhesive labels on flat products from above, compatible with all kinds of products like cardboard cases, boxes, small food containers, cans, bags.

General features:

- conveyor built on a stainless steel frame with wheels to move it or adjustabe feet to install it in a packaging line;

- product detection by foto cell;

- a label applicator adjustable up and sideway;

- control and setting of the machine through a digital display.





Semi-automatic labelling machine for FRONT-BACK labels on the same, completely made
of stainless stell.
It labels round and square bottles, tins and jars of different size together with propolys mignons
This machine will be supplied with:
- function control by means of an incorporate micro-processor;
- possibility to stick labels and back-labels;
- station for sticking self-adhesive labels wrapping bottles and/or other containers;
- start-pedal. OPTIONAL;
- stamping system with ink. OPTIONAL.
Techical description:
- voltage 230 V - 50 Hz;
- installed power 0,20 KW;
- weight Kg 50
- size mm. 600x550x400
- production capacity from 300 to 600 Bt/h
- bottles mm. from 65 to 115 mm