Semi-Automatic Weight Filler

Convenient due to reduced dimensions, with built-in electric panel and built-in stainless steel scales

Cycle start button illuminated during filling

Approved instrumentation and weighing system

Automatic tare + Automatic weight correction

Control unit with 99 memories and rotary selector with 10 quick memories

visible through extra digital display for showing container type. 50ml-100ml-250ml-500ml-750ml-1L-2L-3L-5L-10L

Filling capacity from 50 ml to 10 l

Electronic control unit for double motor speed control through inverter (slow start leading to maximum speed set after a certain amount of time then slowing down during the finishing stage in order to prevent jumping during the starting stage)

Stainless steel solenoid valve with anti-drip system

AISI 316 stainless steel pump with self-priming flexible NBR impeller

220 V power supply (380 V also available)

Equipped with cycle light and solenoid valve operating control light

Filling speed: up to 120 5-litre cans/hour

Compliant with safety legislation using 24V direct current components and equipped with emergency button.

Dimensions: 580x440x330

Weight: 30kg